TDA Launches Thenmaradchi Education Fund (TEF)



The TDA UK and branch Organisations are launching a new fund called the Thenmaradchi Education Fund (TEF) to support talented Thenmaradchi students and those who cannot afford to continue their education. After discussions with the Education department and School principals in Thenmaradchi, the TDA has identified many young talented students that have dropped out of schools or higher education. This has predominantly been due to their poor family background. The TDA considers Education as one of the key pillars to develop the region and education is one of our key founding objectives.

The Thenmaradchi Education Fund (TEF) is exclusively for educational development and will be used to support Thenmaradchi students studying at schools or universities by providing studentships, scholarships and educational emergencies which enables them to continue and excel in their education. Students will be selected based on a set of criteria including their hardships, affordability and educational standards. Continuation of funding will be reviewed based on the educational performances and achievements of the students. Emergency situations will also be considered on an individual’s circumstances. The TDA will work with the Thenmaradchi Divisional Education Department to set up a selection panel and to develop the criteria and selection process.

The TDA will mobilise its global organisations to top up the fund annually which will be deposited and managed by the TDA Thenmaradchi. The TDA welcomes donors who wish to establish Educational Student Ships or Scholarships in memory of their loved ones.  The TDA will publish every donor’s name with their discretion and fund status regularly through the TDA website. The TDA hopes that the fund will increase in size every year with the support of global support. The number of students that can be supported will be decided based on the fund’s availability.  The TDA and Thenmaradchi Divisional Education will communicate about the fund at schools in Thenmaradchi. Education is a basic need and a key factor for the development of Thenmaradchi. The TDA expects the TEF initiative will unlock the potentials of students who could not have otherwise continued their education. The TDA expects support from people all over the world to make this initiative successful.

TDA UK Executive Committee

5 – September – 2016


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